VidSoft Inc., a global provider of IP-based visual communication solutions, today announced the general availability of version 1.8 of its all-in-one, desktop- based video conferencing, audio and data collaboration software.

“Our primary objective is to provide users with the features they need to increase their productivity in the workplace, while offering the highest quality available in a desktop solution,” said Sascha Kuemmel, CTO at VidSoft. Alexander de Greiff, Head of Enterprise Network Architecture at T-Mobile International AG & Co. KG added, “Our users have been delighted with the increased quality of the Video as well as the performance of the newly developed Application Sharing.”

VidSoft version 1.8 delivers enhanced data collaboration capabilities, improvements to the user interface, an AJAX-based management portal and H.264 support for higher video quality. Specifics of the release are:

Data Collaboration: 

  • A transition from the previous NetMeeting-based application sharing to native VidSoft Application and Desktop Sharing, which offers numerous advantages over the old version, including True Color view.
  • While video conferencing, users can more quickly launch a simultaneous collaboration session by selecting “Presentation / Document”, “Whiteboard”, “Application” or “Desktop” from a new Present and Share dialog box.
  • Enhanced Rights Management gives document owners the ability to decide whether participants can print, annotate or save a shared document or presentation. They also control the user’s ability to flip ahead in a shared file.
  • New whiteboard tools offer greater flexibility to draw, move and modify objects.Whiteboard sessions can be printed and saved locally.
  • Additional formats can be imported directly, such as Office 2007 documents (ending in .docx ) or Bitmap Images like .jpg .png .gif .bmp or .tif in True Color

User Interface and Web Management Portal: 

  • In addition to instantly calling a contact, users can now IM or view profile information by clicking on the appropriate icon next to a name in their contact list.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) ensures gain is adjusted to the appropriate level regardless of the input device and the voice of the speaker. This greatly reduces audio issues in multiparty calls.
  • AJAX, a web development technique used for creating interactive web applications, is now being utilized for the Web Management Portal. In version 1.8 users will experience better management of their conferences.

Support for the Latest Standards: 

  • VidSoft now also supports H.264, the latest video standard, which more efficiently compresses video for higher quality at a given bit rate, higher resolution and lower storage requirements.
  • On the server side, complete support for VoIP integration based on H.323 was added.
  • Another major advantage is the support for the one address model for simplified firewall configuration.

Version 1.8 is available for download at

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