The world just got smaller for students in the Harrisburg public school system and Harrisburg University as Digital Samba today announced it is donating its state-of-the-art OnSync online communication, collaboration and distance learning solution to the schools.

The new service allows users to communicate instantly via the Internet with anyone in the world via video, voice, chat and file sharing. Today’s donation was announced by Digital Samba USA principal Michael G. Starner during business launch ceremonies for the company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where the Barcelona, Spain-based company is establishing its U.S. and North American headquarters. 

Starner said the ten-seat virtual classroom donation is for students in the public Harrisburg School District, and for post-secondary students at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.  Digital Samba will also provide training and support to the schools to enable them to use the technology effectively.  The total value of the grant exceeds $11,000.

“We have always believed in supporting and giving back to our communities,” said Starner, who sits on the board of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and also serves on several local government advisory boards.  “As a Harrisburg-based company, we are proud to support the educational programs being offered at Sci Tech High and the city’s new science and technology university.”

“Our OnSync webconferencing solution will help make the world smaller for our students via the virtual classroom, providing them with guest lecturers, student collaborative projects, and many other opportunities,” added Starner.

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